Teaching English in a Homestay – Post COVID

If you are still very keen to Learn English and want to do it in the UK or any other English speaking country then here are some things to consider

Living in someone’s house

Like every person who wants to earn money through their home such as Guest Houses; Bed and Breakfast, Families renting a bedroom and, of course, Homestay Tutors, they need to ensure that their home is safe and “ germ free” and they have done everything possible to “ sanitise” it.     Most Tutors would visit a Website such as “AirB&B” or “ VisitBritain” to find out what the current regulations are and ensure that they work within them to keep you safe and well

Sharing Bathrooms

Not all of the homes you would choose to learn English in would be able to offer you your own private bathroom.  But don’t worry, your Host will have read what they need to do and carry out this routine every day.  There are many websites offering this information but the most popular seems to be

The Host Tutor will ensure that the bathroom is cleaned every day and especially after people have used it for showering or having a bath

Wearing Masks

Wearing Masks is mandatory in a lot of public places in the UK but not necessary in the Host Tutors house.  You will be having meals with them as well as lessons, and your tutor will ensure that you have the correct social distance for both of these activities.  It has been noted that it is better to sit

“side by side” rather than facing each other as this means that any potential infection is spread in front of the person – so its wise not to be in that area!

Arrival at the Airport or Sea port

Some airports will take your temperature on leaving and others may take it on arrival.  Sometimes they do what we call a “spot check” and randomly test travellers.  Be sure to have a face mask on when you travel though all of the Ports of Arrival. If not they may make you wait until you can produce one or purchase one from them

Lessons each morning

There won’t be much change to the Homestay Programme.  As we mentioned before you will have lessons in the morning and still at the table or desk, but whereas before you may have sat opposite each other, this time you will be sitting next to each other.  Make sure you have your own pens and paper and if possible bring a lap top as this will minimise any chance of cross infection by sharing equipment and tools.

Feeling unwell

Obviously if you have a temperature or feel unwell it would be advisable to stay at home.  However if you feel unwell when you are in the country of your English programme then the following steps will be followed

  1. they will take your temperature.  If it is high they will call the doctor who will make a decision.  Usually they will say to go to bed; sleep; plenty of water and take paracetamol
  2. your host tutor will monitor the situation with you each day
  3. if your situation continues to get worse then they will speak to the doctor again
  4. if you have been found to have COVID then the whole family and yourself will need to be quarantined for at least two weeks.  We will make sure that you can stay with this family for safety measures

Activities and Excursions – social distancing guidelines

A lot of excursions and attractions have opened again now and this makes for a better homestay programme for you.  As you know, your programme is based on English Lessons and a full cultural immersion programme.   So after lessons your host tutor will want to take you out and show you the local area.  As always you will be required to keep a mask with you in case you enter enclosed spaces, otherwise you will be able to continue to enjoy your new location without one.

Eating out

It is possible that your host tutor will want to take you out during your stay to a restaurant or café.  Many of these have reopened and it will not be necessary to wear a face mask in the restaurant.  All of the cafes and restaurant will follow a strict post COVID sanitising programme so you can be sure that everything is clean and safe.  Your Server will probably wear a mask but because you are eating or drinking, you will not be required to

Spending time with your host tutor in their home

After lessons you will usually have some free time after lunch.  This will be spent either in your bedroom – doing homework – in the family room speaking with the tutor and their family or out in the local area.  Whatever you wish to do please speak to the tutor first.  If there is anything you need to do to cope with the current COVID regulations, then your tutor will ensure you know what is necessary.    Of course it could be that you will want to read a good book – in English (!) and just sit in the garden.  Then, you will be free to do this and you wont need to wear a mask ?

Going Home

The programme of your choice will pass very quickly.  No sooner will you have arrived then lessons will start and you will fall into a daily routine   Make sure that you speak to your tutor about anything you are worried about because they want to make your stay with them as easy as possible.  Offering English Homestay programmes after COVID will not always be easy but you can rest assured that your tutor will have made every effort to follow current Government Guidelines

without detracting from the English lessons or your enjoyment in the UK.   When you leave your tutor please ensure that you remove all of your possessions and have plenty of time for your check in at the airport or seaport.  It will take longer now at Airports and it is essential that you allow for this.  Once again, remember that you will need a face mask to travel on any Public Transport.  Please remember not to travel if you have a temperature, however excited you are to return home

After the programme

We will hope that you have enjoyed your time on your English learning programme and you return home safely and definitely without any infection.  -Your English will certainly have improved.

As we believe all host tutors are committed to the safety of their students as well as the improving of their English , we feel that you will look back and have positive comments to say about it.   Your tutor will ensure you have your Certificate; Course Report and a suggestion on how to improve your English.