The best way to learn the English language when preparing for University

One of the most important things when you come to study abroad at University will be to learn English.  Learning it in all its forms.  To speak it confidently and fluently.  To read it with ease and to write it using the correct tone and grammar.    Although you may not be at an English University, it is highly likely that you will be called upon to use English in your daily life and that a lot of Lectures will be in English.  So here are our top tips to see you through.

There are many ways you can prepare to improve or learn the English language before you leave your country and start life at University.  It’s very important to be prepared before you arrive because this will ensure that settling into University life is smooth as well as boost your confidence and allow you to feel at home more quickly.

Before you leave home – Tips you should consider 

Join a Community Page on Social Media

One of the things you can do before you leave home is to try to engage with people who live there and find out what happens.  So try to join a local community group and watch what happens and how they interact.  You can pick up a lot of local sayings and customs that way.

Watch English Speaking Films

You will be spoilt for choice on which films to watch.  See if you can watch a whole film without having the sub-titles on.  When you can do this and really understand the film, you will be well on your way to becoming a native English speaker.

Reading English Books

Of course, this is one of the more traditional and tried and tested way to learn or improve your English.  You take a book – it doesn’t matter how easy it is – and just read it from cover to cover.  You will find new words and understand different ways to construct a sentence.  This will enforce your understanding of the language and make you more confident in using it.

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Further English Classes

Before you leave it can be a good idea to attend an English Class so that you can speak with your Tutor after lessons over things you don’t understand.  You can engage with other students probably also taking a course at an English speaking University and generally just “brush up” on your English skills before you leave.

Once you have arrived at the University Town  – Helping you to settle in smoothly

This will be a strange time for you and the best thing you can do is not to stay in your room but to get out there and meet people.

Talk to People in the Street or in the Shop

However weird this may seem to you, people do like to engage in conversation.  Once people realise you are not local and not even from that country, they will want to do their best to help you.  Its just human nature.  So, if you want to make some acquaintances or just practise your English then try to stop people in the street and ask them a question or whilst you are waiting in the queue at the shop, turn around and speak to the person behind you.  I guarantee they will be interested in your story and you will get a free English lesson.

Arrive Early and get to know the Neighbourhood

Arrive at your University long before you have to start your lessons.  You can find time to familiarise yourself with the area, the transport routes and find the best accommodations and shops.  Just being involved in the local community will make you feel more confident and so you will speak more.  Also, if you did indeed join the local Community Page before you left your own country, then go back on it and announce to them that you have now arrived.  People will give you the “thumbs up” and wish you well and some may even offer to meet you and help show you around the area.

Join lots of Social Groups or go to Meetings

Yes not only is this the nest way to make new friends and chat but it also helps you to improve your English in a relaxed and sociable way.  No strict classroom timetables or lessons, just an easy way to speak English and before you know it, not only will you have made new friends but you will have improved your English sufficiently so that attending any classes in English will not be a problem any more.

So, make a decision to attempt a few of the suggestions above and before you know it, you will be attending University Lectures in English and not having the slightest worry about it. Happy Learning!