Travel Advice for Students Travelling Abroad and Learning English

Tickets, money, passport, tickets money, passport… These are the three words that always go around and around in my head when travelling abroad.  

So, you’re planning a big trip abroad and you are worried that you will not know anyone or anything. Do not fret; here is some Travel Advice for Students who are Travelling Abroad and Learning English, that may help you on your way.

Pro Tip – before you travel, I like to make a checklist of everything I would possibly need when going away.

  1. Have you got cover?

So, you may think that tickets, money and passport are the only important thing when travelling, that isn’t the case. Travel insurance is a massive deal and is necessary for anywhere you travel, if you injure yourself, or have to cancel your trip 24hrs before or you lose your luggage, you are covered for it all, so make sure to get yours done! Also, if you are travelling to a country that requires you to have a visa, make sure it is in date!

  1. What do I need to pack?

When travelling to another country, it’s always hard to know what the weather will be like, so having a look at what the weather is like over there every other day just before you decide to pack will give you an indication of the sort of things you will need. If it’s a hot country, I still pack a few jumpers and trousers, just in case! Do not forget to check with the airline about the weight and size limitations for both your hand luggage and your suitcase. You also need to remember how long you are going for, if you having a gap year and planning to travel the world you may need a lot of luggage, but if you are going for a weekend away, hand luggage would suffice. Top Tip – if you are ok with carrying a change of clothes, I suggest maybe giving it a go, you never know if you suitcase will make it to the same destination as you!

  1. Do I need to get in touch with my host family?

Yes. Whether it is an email or letter, I think it is important to tell them a little bit about yourself before travelling, because you are going to staying with them for a while. I also think that maybe you could bring them a souvenir as a little thank you for letting you stay, something from your home country. People appreciate the little things.

  1. Do I need to learn the language?

Learning a language can be hard, we all have had to learn something new at some point, so don’t be scared, but when you travel to any country, I think it is important to know a little of the language so you aren’t too confused when you arrive. If you are already fluent great, but staying with a host family, they will help you become stronger and more confident, so do not worry!

  1. Am I the first person my host family are accommodating?

The host families go through an application process and the agents meet with them and they also have a look through the house to make sure it is suitable for your stay. Most host families have hosted international students before, so if you are worried you can always ask the agent you booked through or ask your host family directly, they want you to feel comfortable not afraid, but most host families have been accommodating foreign students for years and years, so they are pros!

  1. Are you travelling for home tuition?

If you are travelling alone and coming on a 1-2-1/2-2-1 stay, then your tutor will also be you host family, which means for the duration of your stay, you will create a bond with them. The teachers you will have have taken various language courses, so they are very experienced!

  1. Will you enjoy your stay?

Your stay abroad will be what you make it, if you take all of it in your stride and try everything you will be fine and have no worries. We want you to have a fabulous trip, so you leave with a smile!


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