Tutor of the Month for January – Mimmie

Welcome to the New Year and the very first Tutor of the Month is Mimmie, who resides down in the Southern Hemisphere in a beautiful area just outside of Cape Point.

Mimmie has been a teacher for over forty years and during that time has taught more students than she cares to count!  Her teaching skills has led her across South Africa and Asia and she has taught many Chinese students the beauty of the English language.

She can take you from a basic English learner to a fluent English speaker.  There are no barriers for Mimmie.  She comes with the unswerving knowledge that everyone, regardless of their level, can improve their English even in as little as two weeks.

Her methods are tried; tested and traditional but added to that mix are some ideas of her own.  She has the gentlest of natures and is as patience as the “day is long!”  Never fear that you will be under pressure from Mimmie because if you don’t get it first time; second time or even more, then she will go back and help you again and again.   

Mimmie lives with her husband who will ensure that you see the most interesting; diverse and delightful parts of Cape Town and the surrounding areas.  They believe that your learning doesn’t stop when you finish “class” but continues when they take you out to explore their beautiful City. 

They have a wide circle of friends and socialise freely with them.  This means you will be invited to go along with them and share in their activities.  There is nothing more thrilling than holding a conversation with people you have just met, who also enjoy helping you learn more about their language. Be sure there is no better way to improve English than being in a fun sociable setting.

Mimmie is able to welcome both children and adults and from elementary up to Exam level.  She also is one of our Local Co Ordinators for the Cape Town area for any students who wish to come to Cape Town to participate in one of our High School Programmes. 

So if you want an amazing holiday in Cape Town and improve your English in half the time, then consider Mimmie, our justly deserved, “ Tutor of the Month!”   

Travel to Cape Town South Africa and learn English with Mimmie, Contact us today.