Tutor of the Month for June – Peter

Another month, another amazing Tutor of the Month. Peter Bywaters is not just any tutor, he’s one of the coolest tutors in Brighton! 

Peter is a very patient TEFL and TESOL qualified homestay teacher during the day, but during the night he turns into the lead singer of an amazing punk rock band called ‘Peter and the Test Tube Babies’ who was even on TV before!

He lives in a lovely cottage by the sea in Lancing, which is England’s largest village located in the Brighton area, and can always make sure our students feel just like it’s a home away from home and have the privacy they need in their own en suite accommodation. Peter occasionally conducts his lessons in the Brighton city centre so that students can experience the English language in a more cosmopolitan situation, and is always up for taking them to different places so they can explore the English culture and learn as they go.

Having travelled at lot himself, Peter is very good at accommodating and understanding different people and respecting different cultures. He loves cooking and will prepare some delicious traditional English dishes and is happy to talk about movies, travel or even challenge you for a compelling chess match! 

Peter has been working for English Language Homestays for 20 years now and, during that time, has welcomed boys, girls, adults and couples in his home. From local gigs to fishing trips and camping weekends, there’s never a dull moment in the Bywaters household.

To learn English with Peter is to sign up for the most interesting and fun way of learning there is. So, if you want to have an amazing holiday in the lovely seaside city of Brighton while learning from a knowledgeable, cool and fun homestay teacher, come meet our star of the month, Peter Bywaters.

Please take a look at Peter’s Profile here.

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