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Hove, United Kingdom

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I was born in London UK and grew up there. I studied ballet and contemporary dance, achieving a BA Hons in Performing Arts. My early professional career was in dance, and I ran two dance companies that won arts funding. My teaching career started when I was 18, teaching dance and drama and working with young people in arts projects and adults in the community. After a sometime teaching voice projection, pronunciation, and public speaking skills as well as audition and interview skills. Moving voices was a three-year project I did with young people training them in the Bronze and Silver Arts Award. This led me to taking the CELTA certificate in 2014 and I have been teaching English as a second language since then, both at a language school, privately as homestay and one to one, sessions online and in person. I really love teaching and working with language as a communication tool. I use my creative background as a resource and aim to provide fun, interactive, and creative learning sessions that instil greater confidence and communication skills. I am currently working at SOAS University in London, where I have just completed an MA. I work there with Postgraduate and PhD students on a project I founded called Nourish to Flourish. I enjoy working in academia and research as well as creative writing and poetry and I am writing a book which I hope to publish for SOAS, University of London.

During lockdown I completed a Mindfulness Teaching Certificate and as a continuum to this, I won a scholarship to a three-year Buddhism course for which I am an ambassador and training in facilitating Buddhist meditation and mindfulness.

I centre my students in their learning, meaning I work with the student’s strengths to build confidence and design lessons appropriate to the student’s needs. Development of English language skills and communication is my key forte in teaching and building a good rapport with my students. I live in a good-sized house which lends itself to teaching from home and this is recognised in the student feedback I have received.

I spent a memorable six months in Cambodia where I was managing a retreat centre, here I also worked with local Cambodians offering English lessons to help them go to school or get into a job that required a level of spoken English. Many of these students went on to college and university and we are still in touch today. It is fascinating to watch their development as their English language helps them to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle.

For businesspeople I offer bespoke courses that develop public presence and presentation. I work with leadership language for managers and directors as well as team communication skills specific to the business environment. This may entail; report writing, project projection and pitching as well as HR communications.

I design a new course for every student as I see people as individuals with unique learning skills and outcomes. My aim is to bring the very best out of people, they are often surprised with the levels they can attain. I believe that good language skills require a foundation of confidence and that is where I begin. Building confidence through language training both written and spoken has been the key to the success of my students and myself as a language teacher.

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CELTA English language Teaching Certificate
BA Performing Arts Hons
MA Traditions of Yoga and Meditation
British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma
Adult Education Certificate
MIndfulness Teaching Certificate

About the Local Area :

My local area is great! I live in the Seven Dials area of Brighton. It is ‘actually’ Hove, this is a local joke as people define between Brighton and Hove. Although I am in Hove ‘actually’, my nearest station is Brighton, a mere 7 minutes walk. Seven Dials is an area that leads into seven different areas of Brighton, one being the sea! We are less than 10 minutes walk to the sea and into Town and all the main attractions, including the Laines and Lanes (you will find out the difference). My house is in a very quiet area, which is safe and full of green parks. We can drive to the South Downs in 5 minutes where there are spectacular views of Brighton and the South East, weather dependent of course.

In Brighton, as I am a member of the Hilton gym, I often take my students for a swim and spa if they like, this is right on the seafront. We also take bikes out, there are many bike lanes in Brighton so it is safe and a fun way to explore. I have lived in Brighton for almost 20 years, I brought up my three children here and they all loved it. The family are now living in Shoreham, so I visit there and do add this to my list of interesting places to go. Shoreham has a lovely beach and a house boat community, I often take out my daughter’s French Bulldog Blu for walks on Shoreham beach. I have a car and drive to explore the less known places of interest on the outskirts of Brighton which include, fun pools in Burgess Hill and Worthing, with skating rinks and discos in Worthing. We also have indoor rock climbing centres for any enthusiasts or those who would like to try, there may be an extra cost here but it’s worth it, I had a student from Switzerland who went there everyday in his free time. There are great areas for any filming or photography enthusiasts, this can be used as an English language project and students often enjoy working on a mini film production or photographic story gallery whilst they study.

There are a host of wonderful unique cafés in Brighton, avant-garde, community and posh! The city is teaming with restaurants of all types and vegan delights for those that way inclined. Brighton is a great place to shop for unusual gifts and retro clothing from our local open markets as well as all the designer wear shops in the town centre.

There are some sporting activities held at The Lagoon in Hove, which teaches Kayaking and boating (extra cost) and also in Brighton there are sea front activities on the Lawns and the sea front. Brighton is very busy during the summer season and has a vibrant atmosphere with a lot of young people and a very diverse community. the nightlife is booming, I’m a little old for that but my kids have had a ball! There is so much to do from, open air theatres in the park, The Brighton Pavilion, the world renowned, Brighton Festival and music festivals and street entertainment. The marina is lovely when the sun is out, a great place for an ice cream and a walk with beautiful views of the bay. I love Brighton and everybody who lives here feels the same, it is a unique city by the sea. Of course I am a born and bred Londoner and I love my hometown too, I will be more than happy to show you London, at least parts of it, past students have enjoyed trips to Covent Garden and Camden which is my actual home town, so you will get an insider perspective.

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