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Crawley Down, West Sussex

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Location: Crawley Down, West Sussex

Nearest airport(s): London Gatwick Airport

Nominated airport(s) for transfers: Gatwick (LGW)

Heathrow airport supplement: Available on Request

Nearest railway station: East Grinstead

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  • Business English, English for Families, English for Seniors (55+), English Immersion Plus, Exam English, General English, IELTS Preparation Course, Online Business English, Online Exam English, Online General English
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About :

Hello. My name is Carole Garcia and I now live in West Sussex in the U.K. I have travelled all over the world. I grew up in West London near a place called Ealing. At the age of 3 I bagan studying classical ballet and did so until the age of 18. I then travelled the world as a dancer. I have lived in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga.
I have lived a total of 17 years in Spain. I love Spain and have a great affinity with the Spanish. I have been teaching languages (Spanish French and English) since 1996.

I love to communicate with all kinds of people and learn about different cultures. My husband is Russian and we have spent some time in St. Petersburg, it is a beautiful city. We have a lovely dog named Mika who we adopted in Spain. She is a Stafford Bull Terrier and is very sweet and well behaved. We love to go for walks with Mika as we have beautiful walks very close by. We eat very well at home and enjoy good food. We have had our house in Crawley Down for 20 years and love it here. We much prefer the countryside nowadays. I have one son a and a beautiful granddaughter. They live in Brighton which is very popular as it is by the sea and full of many things to do; it is known as London by the sea and is actually a city. We love Brighton as there are so many fabulous shops and restaurants.

‘I teach Spanish & French to all ages and levels and have been doing so since 1996 as well as EFL !  I also have hosted many foreign students. I have 2 double bedrooms. I have an enhanced DBS and am on your books. I live near Gatwick airport’

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562, 561

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TEFL, Neuro Linguistic Trainer

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Carole is married to Vladimir. He is a Builder.

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About the Local Area :

We live in the countryside, in a village. However, Crawley Down has a small shopping area with everything you can imagine. There is a social club and an enormous park. There is a special trail where people can horse ride, cycle, run or simply walk. There are many other lovely walks . There is a bus stop 2 minutes from our house. You can get to many other places, such as East Grinstead, Crawley and many other towns. We have various lakes and reservoirswith rolling hills which are called There are many sites close by as well as historical locations and castles. There are many typical pubs close by and we are spoilt for choice. In Crawley there is a big cine complex, bowling alley and many restaurants as well as a very big shopping centre. There are various gyms close by as well as stables if you like horse riding. Just behind Brighton there is stunning country side with rolling hills that are called the South Downs where people go paragliding and that’s quite a sight to see.

Excursions avaliable :

We are happy to take our guests around the area to see the lakes, castles, trails, shops and also Brighton. Most people love Brighton. WE would also takes you to the beautiful forest of Ashdown which is full of history.

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