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Canterbury, Kent

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Location: Canterbury, Kent

Nearest airport(s): London Gatwick (LGW) 60 minutes

Nominated airport(s) for transfers: Gatwick (LGW)

Heathrow airport supplement: +£70 one-way

Nearest railway station: Canterbury West Station

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  • Business English, English for Families, English for Seniors (55+), English Immersion Plus, Exam English, General English, IELTS Preparation Course, Online Business English, Online Exam English, Online General English

About :

Hello, I’m Josephine. I have been teaching English to foreign students for 15 years and thoroughly enjoy it. Never a dull moment, much laugher and some of my students even leave dreaming in English! I enjoy watching the change as they become fluent and relaxed in the English language with natural pronunciation. I have had many return students, with some visiting now and again as family friends. My method of teaching will greatly improve your pool of vocabulary, with a strong emphasis on pronunciation and conversation.

My work is always tailored to the student. I welcome students of all ages. I once taught an entire family, mother, father, son and daughter. It was a little bit like a doctor’s surgery as they all had different needs but a lot of fun was had by all! I help my business students with presentations and write-ups.

I live with my husband Alain and our youngest son, Iban. We are a multi-national family; my husband is French and I am British Ghanaian and our youngest son is engaged to a British Caribbean girl and our two older sons are married and live in Sweden with a Swedish wife and the UK with a German wife respectively.

We have a very varied cuisine as my husband loves to cook French dishes, my son loves cooking ramen, and I love experimenting with and trying new oriental dishes and specialise in African/Caribbean dishes and of course, English food!


My husband and I are singer/songwriters and travelled with our family band when the boys were younger for a few years to different countries including the Caribbean islands, Europe and America, performing as a band and organising choirs. We have guitars, keyboards, drum kits and djembes at home, we love listening to music and are not restricted by noise control so if you play, we can join in with you.

We live in a detached 4-bedroom house on a hill just outside the picturesque, Medieval City of Canterbury in the South East of England. With its rich history, 900-year-old cathedral and well-known universities, Canterbury is a popular student and tourist destination with many restaurants, shops and places to visit. London is 2 hours away.

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Qualifcation: TEFL certified 2008

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Josephine is married to Alain. He is a Translator. They have 3 children.

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