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Kinlough, North County Sligo, Ireland

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I like to communicate, to learn, to teach, to give clear explanations of complicated issues, and to do high-quality work.

I was a mountain sports and sea sports instructor for 2 years; then I was a lawyer for 20 years; in 2005 I wrote the book for my specialist area of law; and now I teach English as a Foreign Language.

Now aged 59, I’m active, dynamic, motivated, cheerful and always ready to “go the extra mile”. I have excellent patience, endurance and attention to detail. I love doing practical things, such as cooking a meal, researching a new subject, rebuilding a house, building a boat, putting together a website (I have five), or going walking or kayaking.

I love reading, the outdoors, wildlife, wilderness camping, new situations and meeting new people. As a teacher of English, I get exceptionally positive feedback from students of all ages, for example “Nicholas is a fantastic teacher!”

I’m interested in the people I work with, whether they’re teenagers learning English in summer school, or adult learners from business, professional, civil service or diplomatic backgrounds.

In the classroom, I have enthusiasm, energy, experience and imagination, and my lessons are lively and relevant. I often write my own lessons, either to make a subject clearer or to match the interests of particular students.

I have a standard English accent, and I enjoy doing intensive work on English pronunciation, its rhythm and intonation. Every language has a music of its own, and it can be taught, if that’s what the student wants.

I’m also working on a project to teach environmental English (like business English, but good for the environment!).
And I have a long-term project to re-publish classic short stories, slightly simplified. The idea is to make Virginia Woolf, HG Wells, Kipling, Saki, Tolstoy and many others accessible to people who speak English as a second language

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Location: Kinlough, North County Sligo, Ireland

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Nearest railway station: Sligo

About the Local Area :

This is “Yeats Country”. Inland, it’s a region of lakes, waterfalls and mountains, notably Ben Bulben and the Gleniff Horseshoe. The coast is only ten minutes from the mountains at this point. This is the Wild Atlantic Way, with long, perfect beaches such as Streedagh, small sheltered bays, and the popular surf town of Bundoran. We’re opposite Slieve League, the tallest accessible sea cliffs in Europe.

Yeats Country is packed with wildlife from otters to red squirrels; with history and prehistory, and many picturesque castles, ancient monasteries, megaliths, Neolithic tombs, churches, villages and small fishing ports like Mullaghmore. WB Yeats loved the area, and is buried at Drumcliffe Church.

The area has a year-round tourist industry based on walking, cycling, mountain-biking and surfing; horse-riding, golf, fishing on lakes and the sea, and of course Irish music, good food, Guinness, Irish whiskey and the “craic”, which is the fun atmosphere of a good evening out.

Excursions avaliable :

I will be very happy to drive visitors to the local beaches, lakes, Neolithic tombs, castles and churches, not to mention pubs, cafes, restaurants, country houses and other attractions.

This is an important tourist area, and if people wish I can also take them to horse-riding stables, places that organise boat trips, golf courses, and even more active sports such as kayaking, surfing, blo-karting, etc.

However I’m mainly interested in providing an intensive English course, not being a tourist guide!

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