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Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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Location: Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Nearest airport(s): Gatwick

Nominated airport(s) for transfers: Gatwick

Nearest railway station: Preston Park

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There are two special reasons why I enjoy hosting students for one-to-one tuition; firstly, I’ve always had a fond affection for the English Language and secondly, I love travel.

Although I’m a lawyer by profession – a job which requires an eye for detail when it comes to writing, reading and speaking English – I’ve always wanted to teach English as a foreign language. In 2019 I became CELTA qualified after studying part time at ISE School of English. I really enjoyed the course and I now teach classes at the school to students from all over the world (as well as teaching at home and practising law.)

My wife and I – she is from Tokyo – have hosted many foreign students since we were married, simply because we enjoy it. As a child growing up in Brighton, I can recall my mother hosting students from the four or five language schools that existed at the time, and I remember how people from all over the world came to visit our home bringing their cultures with them. I’m lucky enough now, to be able to pass that same experience on to my children and there’s no doubt, they thoroughly enjoy the company of all our students.

Classroom teaching and home teaching are different; in a class the students are able to interact with one another and their learning environment is, to a degree, produced by themselves. One-to-one requires more input from both the teacher and the student because there are no classmates to work with.

For this reason, I’m always trying to bring a fresh, innovative approach to the lessons. I focus entirely on each learner’s needs and skill level. This means that each course is unique in its design and does not rely on any one item of material such as a set book or pre -structured course. Instead, I use a variety of resources that are suited to each individual, such as video, realia, visual aids, worksheets, books, and apps that can be developed as learner and teacher become more aware of the individual’s requirements.

My legal background means that I continue to operate in the commercial world and for this reason teaching Business English is something that I also take real pleasure in. I believe a teacher of business English should come from an established business background and be able to discuss and demonstrate, not just the language of the workplace, but how the various disciplines function against the commercial background and the global environment.

Whatever your individual needs, I hope that I can offer an exciting and enjoyable experience that fulfils your expectations and delivers the learning programme you expect in comfortable, family based surroundings. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Law Degree (University of London)

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Simon is married to Hiromi and they have two children.

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Brighton and Hove

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