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Suzie W


Suzie W


East Lothian, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Location: East Lothian, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Nearest airport(s): Edinburgh/Glasgow

Nominated airport(s) for transfers: Edinburgh/Glasgow

Nearest railway station: Dunbar/ Waverley

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  • Business English, English for Families, English for Seniors (55+), English Immersion Plus, Exam English, General English, IELTS Preparation Course, Online Business English, Online Exam English, Online General English

About :

I am a passionate communicator and enjoy nurturing others whilst helping them to achieve their goals. I am patient, kind and intuitive which makes me very good at caring for other people, especially those who are away from their own homes. I am a professional, prepared and thorough teacher and look to be able to teach others in a way that help them learn as effectively as possible.

I have a husband, Jeff, who is a manager of a large retail firm in Bristol, a dog (an 8 year old black Labrador Stanley) and 2 fabulous children, Poppy 7 years old and Rex 3 years old.

We are a very active family, we are usually outside walking up a hill or at the beach – we have recently got into horse riding and skiiing – we can do all of these things locally to us. We swim, wild swimming where possible, bird watch and play outside in the great outdoors.

We also enjoy good food, films and books. We enjoy conversation and meeting new people.

I have worked as a photographer for 20 years recently completing an MA in Photography through the University of the West of England. I ran a commercial photography business specialising in weddings and portraiture. I then fell in love with Scotland and my desire to be outside and out of the city of Bristol, has taken us to East Lothian just outside Edinburgh.

I was born in Edinburgh 40 years ago but moved quickly afterwards so I feel like I am coming home.
I realise the importance of making people feel safe and nurtured and ensuring people have good experiences. We live in a lovely market town which is 30 minutes from Edinburgh on a bus. Being out of the city has many advantages, we have so much space to explore without being stuffed along side so many other people. It is much quieter and the air is so fresh. East Lothian has the most day light hours in the UK over the summer, and is one of the driest and sunniest places to be.

I adore creating an environment where people are happy, enthusiastic and secure. I am very interested in people’s well being, believing that when people are happy and cared for they can strive to achieve their best. We have a very happy, secure and loving family and would love to share it with other people. We feel that we also would benefit from having other people around to share their experiences of them world and their families and language too. We feel that this is something we can all benefit from.

Family Information :

Suzie lives with her husband Jeff and their children

About the Local Area :

Beautiful, sunny, dry and fresh.
Many clean beaches for swimming, walking, surfing.
Horse riding and skiing all local to us.

Excursions avaliable :

Edinburgh science museum
Scottish portrait gallery
Loch Leven
Many castles