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Southwick, West Sussex

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Location: Southwick, West Sussex

Nearest airport(s): London Gatwick Airport (LGW) 45 minutes; London Heathrow Airport (LHR) 90 minutes

Nominated airport(s) for transfers: London Gatwick Airport (LGW); London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Nearest railway station: Southwick

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  • Business English, English for Families, English for Seniors (55+), English Immersion Plus, Exam English, General English, IELTS Preparation Course, Online Business English, Online Exam English, Online General English

About :

I am a gregarious and outgoing person. I love to communicate with people from lots of different backgrounds and nationalities and share my time with different characters. I have taught all levels apart from business English and Exam. I adopt a relaxed but thorough approach to my lessons and I am extremely capable of judging what is most necessary to be put forward for an individuals needs from skill experience and practice.
I have taught many students from all over the world and have many students with whom I am still in contact.
A few have returned to my home for a second visit.

I felt a calling for teaching English as a foreign language whilst on a gap year from University. I was travelling around Mexico and various places when I realised being bilingual would help not just students in their chosen profession, but also for others to advance their environment by tourism and industry thus building the infrastructure is the ultimate long term goal. I saw an opportunity to help and be a part of an expanding world and I take great joy in watching a student move forward with confidence in their abilities. It is a privilege to be a part of someones future endeavours.

I am married to James and have three children. Two sons Ross and Harry who are grown and moved on to pastures new and a young daughter called Willow who is currently picking her options for her exams and her future. Exciting times!

I have travelled extensively to countries in Africa such as the Gambia and Senegal, Also.countries in South America and all over Europe. I believe I carry a wealth of experience, enriched in the cultures and reigions and ways of the world. I have ambition to travel down through Asia to learn some of the more diverse and scarcely trodden routes to discover the hidden treasures this continent has to offer. I too never wish to stop learning and I never wish to stop teaching what I have learnt.

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TEFL (4 years)

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Reading, Music & Poetry

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Tarnya is married to James. He is a Painter&decorator. They have a daughter.

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