What is English home tuition?

English home tuition courses are one of the more popular courses to enable you to learn English fast! Enrolling on a home tuition course you will be totally immersed in the English language because you will be living with your own personal home tutor.  So even when lessons have finished you will still be learning as the rest of the day will be spent eating talking and just “hanging out” with them.  So even when you are having your dinner, you will be expected to speak English and talk about your day.  No wonder our students return home having made wonderful inroads into their learning programme.

This course can be taken individually or with a friend on a 2 2 1 programme.  We also offer Family English course should you wish to learn altogether or combine your English with a family holiday

So where can you take this course? Glad you asked!


Naturally as our main based is in the United Kingdom, this is where the majority of our tutors are.  We have tutors in all regions of the uk so think of the area you want to visit and we will find the best tutor for you in that location.  Tutors here are welcoming children from ten years old to adults of seventy years plus.

South Africa

This is our jewel in the crown for so many reasons.  Firstly if you want to escape the northern hemisphere winters then flying to The Cape is the best option.  With no time difference and convenient night flights you will be there before you know it.  Our home tutors have stupendous homes either in the countryside or on the beach.  All are convenient to Cape Town city so that you can explore the Mother City during your free days.  Most homes have en suite bathrooms as standard. We welcome both students and adults in Cape Town any time of the year.  If you decide to come in August be sure to look out for the whales.


Our tutors in France are able to offer homestay teaching programmes in either English or French.  This is also ideal for young students who don’t want to leave their own country or for adults short on time.  We offer courses from weekend to three weeks.  Our tutors in France live in Paris, Bordeaux, or northern France close to Lille


What more can we say? A wonderfully experienced English tutor with a house and swimming pool close to Corfu town. If you want to relive the life of Gerald Durrell with a sunny setting and a home full of pets then consider learning English in Corfu


Should you live close to Asia than Europe then come to Malaysia and live with our multi cultural families there.  All of these tutors are either native English speakers living here or bi lingual tutors with English degrees.  Their homes are all executive types close to Kuala  Lumpur so easy for flight arrivals and a good dose of culture on your excursion days


Our Canadian tutors teach either American or British English and you can  decide which syllabus you wish to follow. They are based around Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa