What is Homestay English Learning?

An Introduction to Homestay

When it comes to learning another language, the best way to achieve results as fast as possible is through complete immersion. Homestay English is a form of learning that gives you the opportunity to experience complete immersion in the English language as well as the everyday life and culture of its native speakers. 

After all, language and culture go hand in hand. Therefore, learning both a language and culture simultaneously is the most fulfilling way to gain a more intricate understanding of how to communicate with other speakers of that language.  

There are some who learn the language but there are others who live it. In frank terms, homestay English is a program in which you learn English whilst living in the home of your teacher. This is the most effective way to become fully immersed in both the English language and the everyday life and culture of those who reside in your chosen destination.

What is The Difference Between Homestay And Classroom English?

There are people who study English in the classroom for years, only to finally arrive in an English speaking country and realise that they still cannot communicate effectively or understand what is being said to them. This is because when you study solely in the classroom, your learning time begins when you enter the room and finishes the moment you leave.

Another problem with classroom English is that often, students will find themselves in the same classroom as speakers of a common first language and end up taking the easy option of using their mother tongue to communicate with each other.

If you’re living with your own private English teacher on the other hand, the easy and often detrimental option is not available, which means that is English is the only tool you have to communicate with. This way, the learning process is constant and uninterrupted. You will be amazed at how much your fluency and comprehension improves when you experience a homestay program.

In addition to the language learning component of homestay learning, our programs also offer you the opportunity to have an amazing cultural experience in the place of your choice.

Essentially, language gives you access to culture. It is therefore both more effective and beneficial to take culture into account as part of the overall learning experience. 

What is The Homestay English Teaching Methodology?

First and foremost, we utilise a method that focuses on total and complete immersion in the English language. Throughout your entire homestay experience you will be speaking English from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. 

This immersion aspect of the homestay methodology means that the longer you stay, the more that English will start to feel like your natural language. Less force will be required and the English language will increasingly begin to feel like an instinctive means of communication.

What’s more is that our homestay teachers are accustomed to communicating with speakers of other languages and therefore understand the importance of being with patient, understanding and helpful to their students. Just as those enrolled on one of our homestay programs want to learn, our teachers enjoy what they do and are determined to help you improve to your best ability. 

Furthermore, our teachers take great care in ensuring that your learning experience takes place within a comfortable environment, which enables you to feel relaxed and have the confidence to speak, learn and improve your English. They will welcome you into their homes and dedicate themselves to meeting your individual needs as a learner.

What are the Homestay Programs We Offer?

Each prospective learner has a different reason for wanting to learn or improve their English. Reasons can vary from work-related to social, to give oneself a new challenge or simply to take on a new and enjoyable experience. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of programs, including a course for Au-Pairs, General English, Exam English, Business English, Boarding School Exeat Holiday English Courses, English Language Course for Seniors ( 55+), Fast Track English Course, Intensive English and English For Families.

From the variety we have to offer, you will be able to choose a study program that suits your specific needs as a learner. Details of each course can be found on the ‘courses’ section of our website.

Our courses cater to all levels from beginner to advanced. Once you have chosen which course is best suited to your learning requirements, you are then able to choose the amount of one to one English tuition hours you would like to carry out.

Moreover, we offer you a choice of 15 beautiful locations throughout the world in which you can enjoy your homestay experience. Our homestay locations encompass a wide range of contrasting places such as breathtaking coastal towns with sun, sea and sand, bustling and exciting cities that are full of life and peaceful retreats surrounded by nature and incredible scenery.