Why is Studying English Important?

No doubt, the place of language in the world is no less important than human existence itself because language is at the very heart of interaction and communication among humans. It is often said last year’s word belongs to last year’s language. In other words, learning a foreign language helps in the development of social interaction and promotes smooth communication among different peoples.

Besides, building a new language world will also help expand the standpoint from which one views an idea or word. In fact, studies show speaking different languages has a lot of health benefits. For example, those who can speak more than one language are proven to have more active minds than the monolinguals.

Why Does English stand out?

With over 7.7 billion people around the world, an estimated figure of 6,500 languages across seven continents exist, with some still being developed on a daily basis. So, among these many languages, therefore, one could ask: why pick out English for study and why it has become such an important language?

1. It’s the language of the media world

Much of the content written on both conventional and new media, including the internet, social media, virtual media, magazines, tabloids, blogs, websites, dailies, news outlet, TV, newspapers, radio, etc. is written in English.

Again, a large of favourite TV shows and radio programs are conducted in English. Similarly, many of the bestselling pop songs, films, and books are written in English or are either transcribed or subtitled in English. The main reason for this is to gain traction, increase audience, and provide access to as many as people as possible in the world without having rely on translations.

2. English is spoken by 20% of the Worlds population

There are about 1.5 billion speakers of the English language in the world. That figure amounts to 20% of the world’s estimated population, and about 400 million people speak English as their first language and because English has become such an international language, people who speak the language have increased globally.

3. English is the official language in 67 Countries

In addition to being one of the most widely spoken languages, English is atop of the official languages in more than 60 countries – that’s more than a quarter of the 195 countries that make up the world. Of these, there are 27 countries where English is spoken as a secondary ‘official’ language. That’s a staggering figure, isn’t it? That means there are a lot of people to communicate with by just adding English to your language list.

4. It Eases Tourism and Travels

Being the world’s second language, English provides travellers and tourists easy opportunities to move anywhere in the world. For instance, English is used mostly in flight schedules, announcements during flight, train timetables, emergency information (written or spoken) as well as street signs.

As a matter of fact, all waitresses and attendants in airplanes across the world are trained to use the English language. This is to provide ease of communication among travellers and transportation service providers.

5. It opens opportunities for Job offers

With the increasing level of globalisation, a lot of companies and corporations are moving with the trend and becoming increasingly international in outlook and operations. Hence, a basic understanding of English is one of the listed criteria to get a job in many of the biggest international firms and organisations.

Even as it stands, many big organisations with a global outlook and vision have made English both a necessary skill and a prerequisite for applicants.

6. It Enhances Global Peace 

The study of English has in no small way enhanced global peace. Spread of languages including English has made non-English speakers tolerate their native English speakers, especially making them accept certain words/terms which sound abusive when used in their own framework, and vice versa.  With an increasing number of people becoming global citizens through learning English, the level of mutual tolerance and interaction has increased.

7. It Opens up Access to Information

The world we now live in is one driven by information. So, a lack of basic knowledge of the internet will be considered as living in the Dark Age. And since English is the language of the internet – an estimated 52% of web content is in English – many more persons are likely to be open to become internet users. In fact, an estimated 565 million people use the internet every day, and the figure keeps increasing. So, studying English opens a range of information channels to you.

Final Word

From what this post has described, we’re able to see that English is important and much more than a mere common language of the English people. Hence, English brochures offering English courses, whether a crash course or standard course, have to be designed to accommodate foreign speakers.

There will be a need for special English courses for parents, teachers and even countries who look to expand their spoken English skills. The provision of English tuition will therefore become more important as time goes by.