Homestay English programme for adults

One to One homestays are not only for high school students, college students and young people; adults are warmly welcomed on our homestay programme. ELH has many suitable host families providing student accommodation in different cities and regions of the UK.

December 11, 2017
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Accommodating Foreign Students

Hosting Foreign Students within your family home is a very rewarding experience, it’s like a second job that you don’t have to do anything for, a walk in the park.

December 9, 2017
Diary of an English Course student on an Intensive English Course

When Learn English in a Homestay suggested an Intensive English Fast Track Course, they were right. It was all of those things. Intensive. Fast. And a superb English Course. It was as they say “just what the doctor ordered” -this is one of the Idioms I learned with my English teacher.

December 4, 2017
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Being a Host family in Brighton

Being a Host family in Brighton is hugely rewarding, in a language homestay you will live the English life and enjoy our culture whilst learning English.

December 3, 2017
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Teaching English one on one, tips for lesson planning
Often students decide that living with English Language teacher and having lessons in the tutors home is a perfect option. Certainly, they have the undivided attention of the teacher and no disruption from other classmates on the teacher’s part this means preparing lesson plans to respect the student’s learning styles. Immersion English course in an...
December 1, 2017
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Living English is the quickest way to learn English

When you visit the English country of your choice, you don’t get a chance to speak anything other than English, which means you are already immersed in the language of your choice and soon you will be thinking and breathing it, with ease.

November 30, 2017
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What is Grammar?

Whether we are speaking or writing in a foreign language or in our own language. Correct grammar is not the icing on the language cake. It is part of the cake itself. It is an essential ingredient of efficient communication.

November 26, 2017
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Professional English courses for native Japanese speakers

Teaching English to native Japanese speakers is very satisfying to our native English Teachers. They find the Japanese students who wish to Learn English on a Homestay English programme very focussed on their studies and keen to learn as quickly as possible.

November 25, 2017
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How do we choose our Host Tutors
We are often asked how we choose our Host Tutors….. and its very easy! First, we look at their qualifications to ensure they have been through a comprehensive training programme to be able to teach English as a foreign language and to teach it well! We always look for Host tutors highest educational qualification and...
November 23, 2017
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